Before I started working with a coach, my life had become hard! I had a job that people would envy but it came with long hours and sleepless nights. It was a time poor lifestyle and diet and I wasn’t content or happy with my life. I wanted more!

Who said ‘life has to be hard?!!!” That we ‘have to work hard to get ahead!’, ‘life is full of sacrifices’, ‘slog it out’ and the list goes on. Many of us were raised with, and lead to believe, that this is what life was all about.

Limited choices, working hard, feeling stuck – what if it doesn’t have to be that way?

What if there are in fact unlimited possibilities, just waiting for you to come and seek them out?

What if life is meant to be full of joy, wonder, excitement, love and MAGIC?

Isn’t that the life that you want!

To wake up with gratitude and joy in your heart for the day ahead, and all that you already have…excited and curious for what other amazing experiences may be present in the future…and able to be focused in the present moment, and all that it has to offer you.

Able to experience each moment through all of your senses to:

  • see the beauty of the sunset, flowers, birds, trees, a smile;
  • hear the kookaburra laughing, children at play, music that makes you smile;
  • smell the ocean, flowers, dinner cooking; to taste and savour each meal, to truly take the time to be grateful for the bountiful nourishment provided by this earth, that nurtures and sustains you in all that you do…

This is how I live my life now, and what I would love to share with you! It may sound like some kind of fantasy to you now, it did to me before I took action to create change in my life, but I see and experience all types of magic every day.

Taking inspired action with a Coach

When I decided to take action, and get help from a coach to create change in my life, my thoughts slowly began to change over time, and I noticed that I started to see things differently. My views and perceptions started to change and so did my experience of the world.

The more work I did to face my fears, understand my emotions and take care of my body and self, the easier my life became. The lighter I felt, the more possibilities, opportunities and options I was able to see and choose for myself. Spa treatment

When you love what you are doing, life isn’t hard and work doesn’t feel like work! You value yourself, and your time, and make having fun, time out, and adventures a priority. You know that everyone around you benefits when you are feeling grounded, balanced, alive and well in body and soul!

It just takes that first step, inspired action and a deep desire to experience more of life, to get started and explore the amazing life and dreams that are waiting for you. Message me now to arrange a time to talk about how I can support and guide you in this journey… click here to make a time to meet up and talk

I’m so excited and can’t wait to share this magical life with you!