Full Moon Meditation

Aaaahhh, the Full Moon, so full of wonder, awe and magic! It is easy to lose yourself in the light of the moon, as you gaze at it shining down in its full glory.

This Full Moon Meditation has been recorded for you to enjoy in the lead up to the Full Moon. It can be used anytime that you are feeling a call to open yourself up to receive. (The energy of the moon is strongest in the 3 days leading up to the full moon)

The energy of the Full Moon illuminates the way forward. It casts light on the darkness, on those areas in your life with lessons to be learned.

When these lessons arrive they can cause turbulence, like a storm in your life. They can throw you off course, out of balance, trigger reactions, and volatility.

This Meditation will guide you to a place of connection and calm. It will assist you to stay centered, focused, and calm as the Full Moon energy builds around you. While allowing you to receive the full benefits of the light of the Full Moon.

Find somewhere that you won’t be disturbed, and make yourself comfortable. Then drift away in the light of the moon, and enjoy the next 27 minutes of guided relaxation.

Guided meditations for the New Moon, and for Connecting and Grounding are also available for you to enjoy.


Kylie x

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