With only 2 more sleeps until the New Year, now is the time to reflect on the year that has past – the highs, the lows, the magic, things you learned, things you lost. It is important to honour yourself, the year, and all that you now have and know, before looking forward to 2017.
New Year Resolutions vs Intention Setting

You may be in the habit, like many, of making New Year’s Resolutions. How often has this worked for you? How often have you been able to stick to these resolutions and see them come to fruition?

New Year’s Resolutions are often made with the intention of bringing something that you may want, or feel you are missing, into your life. This approach tends to focus on, and come from, the energy of ‘Lack’ i.e. you are wanting something that you don’t feel you have now. This energy or ‘lack’ is typically then compounded when you don’t follow through with your resolutions, as feelings of guilt and anger kick in that you once again ‘didn’t follow through’ or ‘failed’ and can become an annual cycle of hope, optimism and commitment to failure, guilt, anger, and loss.

The Universal Law of Attraction teaches us that the universe will bring you energetically more of the energy that you are focusing on. It will match you up with the vibration that you are currently resonating at.

The secret is to focus your intentions on what will ‘Expand’ your energy, rather than ‘Contract’ your energy through lack. This brings us back to the importance of reflecting on the previous year before looking at what you would like to bring into the New Year.

As you think about all that has happened in 2016 the key is to focus on what you want more of…. would you like even more joy, fun, freedom, adventure, love, growth, expansion, energy, time.

Can you feel the difference in this approach?

Notice that none of these are examples are ‘things’ like money, a new car, new job etc. The focus is on how you want to feel, leaving the details of what that might look like to the Universe and allows the creation of infinite possibilities to flow to you.

Your role is to notice these when they appear and then take inspired action

So this year, ditch the New Year’s Resolutions and try some reflection and intention setting to set the tone for a magical year ahead.

Happy New Year!!!!