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Fernwood Carindale

6.15 – 7.15pm
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Fernwood Carindale

10.00 – 11.00am
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Private Yoga Classes

Individual sessions

Expand and grow your Yoga practice, by having 100% of my attention focused completely on you and your Yoga asanas. These sessions are created specifically for you, and your yoga goals. Your yoga class can include focusing on alignment, a particular pose that you would like to master, breathe and relaxation, or the freedom of practicing in your own space, at a time that best suits you.

Group sessions
Private Yoga Classes with Kylie

Get a group of your friends together and enjoy Yoga classes, designed with love – just for you. I will come to you, or find the perfect place for you to meet and practice. Private Group sessions are a nourishing gift of self-love and care, where you can share and support each other in your Yoga journey. Schedule a weekly class together and make it an opportunity to connect, have fun, and catch up at the same time.

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Yoga Styles


Combining breathe and movement, Vinyasa classes range from gentle to a more dynamic flow. They are designed to support your body to lengthen, open, build strength, warmth and connection to self. You are always encouraged to listen to your own intuition and body. I provide options throughout the class for different poses, and you can choose which feels best for you and your body. My classes are created to suit beginners, through to yogi’s with a regular practice. I always ensure I close with a deeply nourishing and nurturing Savasana. This allows you to rest, and integrate the full benefits of your class.


This is an opportunity for you to go deep within, while lengthening and opening your body. A restorative yoga class will help you to create space in your body, and sink into a state of deep relaxation. You will leave feeling nourished and nurtured, with a sense of calm and peace.

Yin Yoga

Yin classes are the opposite to Vinyasa. Where Vinyasa is flow and movement, Yin poses are static, and held for extended periods of time. They work to activate the deeper tissues of your ligaments, joints, deep fascial networks and bones. This style of class is more challenging than it initially appears but also deeply satisfying. Time spent in each pose is an opportunity to go deep within, to tune into your inner knowing, relax and release.

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher