Only a few days left to go of my NLP coach training in Bali and we are all feeling tired but excited about the journey we have been on. Throughout the training we are practicing the tools, techniques and processes for change on each other, holding a space of safety and compassion, as we allow ourselves to step into being  vulnerable and open to whatever comes up for us to clear.

Sunset over the rice fields in Ubud, Bali

These are some of the key elements to creating change when you choose to become a coaching client – a safe space, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and open, to experience and explore any emotions and/or insights, that arise up through the process for your highest good.

I have spent the last 15 years making choices to grow, and create change and understanding in my life.  I have stretched myself out of my comfort zone, made decisions that others around me didn’t understand or agree with, and continued to move forward, learn more and experience more, and it has been magical! A journey of getting to know my Soul…

Hanging out with my Giraffe friend in South Africa

On the lookout for Hippos in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Saraswati Temple Water Ceremony Ubud, Bali

Following this process has brought me to an amazing place, living each moment feeling connected, playful, full of joy and gratitude for all of the experiences that have brought me to this point and that continue to unfold before me.

Don’t get me wrong, committing to this process has not always been easy! There have been many difficult decisions that I have had to make along this journey but I have never been alone. I’ve always had someone to support and guide me along the way, someone who listened, with compassion and without judgement, and gave me the tools and knowledge that I needed, at that time, to navigate my way forward.

As I moved from country to country and city to city, the right person would appear at just the right time. All I had to do was keep my eyes open and take inspired action, even if it felt like, or my mind was telling me, I didn’t have the money to pay, there wasn’t time, what were people going to say, I felt stupid or whatever excuse presented itself. The feeling of wanting and needing to move forward and create change was greater than my all of the fears that were trying to hold me back.

Deciding to make change and take action requires you to be brave, and dig deep for the courage to step outside of your comfort zone and face your fears, to be vulnerable, and open to receiving the learning’s that come up in the process.

If you are ready to make change in your life, and don’t want to do it alone, because you don’t have to, I would love to coach and support you on your journey towards your dreams and dream life. Send me a message to speak in person and find out more about how I can assist you to move forward… I can’t wait to hear from you…Click here to send a message

With love & light


Heading off to trek in the jungle in search of Gorilla’s in Uganda

6hrs hiking through the jungle – totally worth it – Gorilla love

Spending time with lion cubs in South Africa

Just chill’in with some cute cheetah cubs

Crossing into Botswana on my second visit to this amazing country

White water rafting in the Rockies, Canada