This week I am finding myself consciously stepping into situations outside of my comfort zone. I’ve been feeling butterflies in my stomach and energy coursing through me as my nervous system reacts to the unknown. This is my body’s way of letting me know that I am going through another level of growth and change.  Which is exciting right? I am moving forward, creating change, challenging myself and further stepping into the highest expression of me and my soul.

I’ve found myself reflecting on these ‘butterflies in my tummy’, and remembering the excitement and joy they were associated with as a child. It seems at some point, along our journey from child to adult, the meaning of these butterfly sensations can often change from something exciting and joyful to indicating and feeling like ‘anxiety’ and ‘fear’.  These feelings can often hold you back and become almost paralysing, preventing you from exploring new opportunities and desires. You may not even be aware of why you are feeling this way.

Those feelings in your stomach are your body’s natural way of acknowledging when you are feeling uncomfortable, not sure what to do, or stretched. However, these can also be signs of potential personal growth, self-awareness and opportunity, new ways to do things and new adventures.

Working with a Personal Success Coach, you can learn to embrace this anxiety and fear and transform it into a motivational energy to help propel you forward. You will develop your self-awareness, and internal resources to once again enjoy the tummy flutters and flying high with the butterflies.

Use this simple Visualisation technique when creating change

Here is a simple visualisation technique to help your body relax when you are feeling outside of your comfort zone.


  1. Stop, notice and acknowledge that you are feeling anxious and scared.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your breathe.
  3. Begin to sense this energy in your tummy.
  4. See those beautiful butterflies fluttering in all their beauty, colour, ease and grace, with wonder and awe.
  5. Continue to breathe deeply.
  6. Watch these beautiful butterflies fly away from you, taking your anxiety and fears with them.
  7. Now, use that energy of the butterflies to move forward in your life with ease.
  8. Make a decision and step into the excitement of change.
  9. Enjoy the adventure that is about to begin.


Please feel free to share this visualisation technique with your friends and family. Leave any comments you would like to share on how this process helped and felt for you.

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