• You can purchase your Personal Success Coaching session with Kylie, in advance. Prior to investing in an Individual Coaching Session please ensure that you have had a Complimentary Discovery Session. This is a great opportunity for us to get know each other, have your questions answered, and make sure we are a good fit. Package prices are also available for multiple sessions. Create change in your life by taking active steps today to invest in your happiness today and into the future.
  • This Full Moon Meditation has been recorded for you to enjoy in the lead up to the Full Moon. It can be used anytime that you are feeling a call to open yourself up to receive. (The energy of the moon is strongest in the 3 days leading up to the full moon) It will guide you to a place of connection and calm, as the Full Moon energy builds around you. While allowing you to receive the full benefits of the light of the Full Moon. Length - approx. 27 mins.  
  • If you are feeling stretched, busy, or perhaps overloaded, listen to this guided meditation. It will help you to re-centre, focus, and most importantly relax. Take time out to re-connect and restore balance. When you feel the call to stop, and gather your energy back into the present moment, this is a perfect meditation to use. Use it any time that you feel the need to ground your energy, and connect in with your true self. Length - approx. 15 mins. (Please Note:  If you would like to join our community, this meditation can also be downloaded as a Free Gift )
  • A 30-40 minute complimentary coaching session to learn more about you, and your goals, and discuss how I can support and inspire you to achieve your dream life. (Valued at $70.00) As a Personal Success Coach, I will help you to create the change you desire, to achieve whatever 'Success' looks like for you in Life, Career, Business and/or Relationships. This is an opportunity for you to have an experience of 'Coaching' and how it feels for you.  
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